For 2015 Dulles RockFest Becomes Dulles BluesFest! 

All Texas blues - tracing the roots and music from over 50 Texas blues artists.

Key upcoming dates in the DHS Cafeteria:
Sat, 1/17 1pm-2pm - Dulles BluesFest Information Session - bring family and friends
Fri, 1/30 3pm-6pm - Dulles BluesFest Auditions Day 1
Sat, 1/31 9am-5pm - Dulles BluesFest Auditions Day 2

New for 2015:
Auditions for the BluesFest house band and horn section
Auditions for announcers
Family and extended family members welcomed as accompanists

Audition forms and details available soon!  Join us!

Dulles RockFest 2014: One Epic Show! 
 Performers and tech crew close the show with Hey Jude by The Beatles

2/15/2014, Rodgers Memorial Auditorium - 35 DHS student performers delivered an extraordinary evening of rock and pop music.  The show featured the new RockFest Power Horns as a part of a tribute to The Beatles 50th.  Radio Lounge USA led students in superb sound dynamics and Password Productions mentored the DHS broadcast class to create a stunning 4 camera large screen production. Dulles RockFest Concert Program.

Dulles RockFest event photography by Kevin Godfrey, DHS class of '83.  2/15/2014, 5/18/2013, 5/11/2013

Dulles RockFest video archives on Vimeo.